Pictures Provided by Diana Troutman

The Roadrunners declare WAR on IBM 
Dan Oates, John Robison, Diana Troutman

Diana and Bill Haggerty '77
Football Fever 1976

Coach, Sugar Bear Morris and Tony Frazier 1977
Paul Sauer and Larry Morris '77

Gary Schuetz, Mark Zoercher, Dave Schweitzer, Tony Frazier, Ted Laveck 
Football Fever 11/76
Paul Logsdon
Frazier, Troutman, Doll
Diana Troutman and Jim Keil
Region meeting with John Talbot 1976
Mark Zoercher and Diana Troutman
Jim Foreman and Diana Troutman
Paul Sauer, Diana, John Robison
With his back to the camera Big John Talbot
AustinVenturi, (President of BSG) and Jim Kincer (Copy Corporation)
Las Vegas 1987


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