Pictures provided by Betty Beck Yoakum

PaulPerconti, Betty Beck, Bud Angelus, Dean Richard, Jack Davis 1980                                                                
ABOVE: Nancy Carew, Dee Patterson, Kay Snider, Dan Oates, Betty Beck, Darryl Cohen, Paul Sauer, Mark Harp, Karen Foster, Marilyn Becht, Helen Below, Scott Turner, Vicky Hull.

  Kenny Whatley and Jim Conner
  Kay Snider, Laura Langdon                                                        
Betty Beck and Bro. Dominic 1980
 Diana Troutman, Dee Patterson 
Greg Gesell,    ?,     Tom Stuart  
Elaine White, Donette (Wylder) Williams, Sue Flagg  
Charlie King, Donette Wylder, Dee Patterson, Tom Bell, Linda Young, Rob Smith,
Andi Huntey, Catherine England, Betty Beck, Elaine White
 Charlie King and Joe Lesouski

50's Party

Eddie Brown and Betty Beck


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