Xerox 914 Club Pictures

1974 Derby Blitz Trophy
Won by Jim Kincer
Jim Kincer's Team #1
"1976 Team of the Year"
Team Members on plaque are:
Bill Hinton, Tonii Rizzo, Ed Lloyd, 
Norm Barnhart, Dick Miner, Cathy Perrone,
Kelli Brooks, Jerome Perry, Dick Dearing

Dianne Hewett

Paul Logsdon and Ron Hoffman 1962

Paul Logsdon and Nro. Dominic
Colonel Sanders, Paul Logsdon,    ??

George Hodgson, Paul Logsdon, Representative Charlie Rangel 
Jim McCubbin 1976 Derby Blitz
1976 Derby Blitz Guests
Dean Richards (left) and other 1976 Derby Blitz Guests 
Victor Arnold 1974
Victor Arnold 2010
Walt and Margie Schulz
1974 Hawaii Presidents Club

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