Don Henson's Xerox Pictures

Tom Beardon, Jason Rudzik, Dick Rudzik, Don Henson

Don Henson, Dick Rudzik, Tom Beardon, Jason Rudzik

Don Henson, Tom Beardon, Dick Rudzik, Joe Lesoasky

Bill Haggerty

Don and Pete Maravich

 Ron Zuk and Brother Dominic 

Bill Hinton

Don Henson

Don Henson

John Robison said :
"This picture with blue balloons was the Agent Kick-Off and I asked Don to make a presentation. 
The Agents liked it and that year we were #1 in the nation! 
After being #1 nationally in 1982 in Evansville makes me have two national championships versus Logsdon’s one". 
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